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16.07. – 18.07.'10

8th International Mostar Blues Festival started on Friday, July 16 with acoustic duet Black and Blue performing Blues standards.
It has became a tradition within MBF introductory programs to recall on the early beginning of Blues and to flow from the Mississippi delta to the Neretva valley, aiming trough Mostar Blues Festival to introduce evolution of Blues.
After Black and Blue performance and short opening ceremony, we had honor to welcome American Blues diva Deborah Coleman with her band.
In respect to the fact that Deborah in more than 15 years has issued great well-known blues albums and she was awarded with prestige Gibson Award, there was a huge interest of blues fans for her concert.
In two hours program, Deborah performed all important and known music from her career backed up by the brilliant performance of her band.
On top of that, she had performed well-known but very demanding composition of Jimi Hendrixa – Changes.

As this year is 40th Anniversary that great rock and blues artist and singer Janis Joplin past away, Mostar Blues Festival Organizational team decided to dedicate second Festival day completely to her work and music.
Documentary „The Kozmic Blues“ in which Janis talking about herself, her compositions, work, success and impressions was broadcast within a second festival night as well as parts from her perfromances.
To make this night special we could not introduce no one better than Zdenka Kovacicek, famous Croatian singer that celebrated recently 50 years of her work and who has dedicated part of her career to Janis Joplin songs.

With JJ Band, Zdenka performed all well- known Janis’s songs witnessing about that period and between songs we had pleasure to see parts of monologs from musical „Love, Janis“, sett up few years ago in theatre Komedija in Zagreb.

The last festival day, first on the stage was blues-rock band Credo. The reason to invite them on MBF was, besides their brilliant playing, was to introduce young non- known bands from BH. Credo performed brilliantly very demanding blues and rock compositions backed up by the audience positive reaction and constant applauding.

„The Muddy Waters of Sarajevo“ is very experienced group of musicians from Sarajevo, using harmonica in their arrangement which is always a real jewel on Blues festivals.

On the end of third night everything was ready for Partibrejkersi, cult band from Belgrade. The ticket for their concert was sold out before the concert which is the best evidence of this band popularity.
In first part of their concert they performed composition from their new CD and afterward starting with legendary „Put za jug“, they performed their greatest hits.

The great communication of their front-man with audience and brilliantly performed guitar solos made the atmosphere red-hot.
In any case, this was a concert to remember for log time as well as whole festival which was the best ever by the media opinion.

On the end, Organisational team would like to thank to all institutions and partners which helped us to organize 8th International Mostar Blues Festival